Ruling: Gay in a Sailing Sense

Retrieved February 19, The Ruling: Gay in a Sailing Sense shook Poles from all walks of life, but in particular the LGBTIQ community, immigrants, other minorities and their supporters. We felt a visceral connection to the couple, and imagined how terrified we would be if vigilantes broke into our bedroom in the middle of night as we rested in bed together.

Edie had just finished a formal press conference, but she really wanted to be where her heart was: with all of the LGBTQ people gathered outside the Supreme Court that historic day. Over forty years later, we learn that the real danger of seduction and molestation children faced came from Baptist church leaders themselves.

Only then did he gain the wisdom for which he is remembered today.

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For us, the Winter of Love and the marriage equality movement was, and is, first and foremost about our dignity as LGBTIQ people, our common humanity, and the love, joy and self-realization that we all should be able to experience in our lives.

On December 9, , another filibuster prevented debate on the Defense Authorization Act. December 18, Showing up and speaking out has always been fundamental to the success of the LGBT rights movement. However, Prop 8 and the Taiwanese referenda differ crucially in their actual legal effect.

Ruling: Gay in a Sailing Sense
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