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The mark has been registered for some time for those other uses, including providing intercollegiate athletic exhibitions, printed awards, pencils, pens, prints, furniture, beverage containers, and coolers. Athletic Ass'n v. Forgot password? Although architect P. Advanced Materials Volume 30, Issue Plaintiffs suggest that evidence of third-party use of the mark by licensees is inadmissible because such evidence is not relevant to claims of unlicensed use of KU's trademarks. Any licensed material stocked by Joe-College. Using the Android Account Manager helps us manage your Autodesk account easily, and allow other Autodesk applications to connect, using your Autodesk account. The trademark protection afforded each type of mark is related to how closely the mark identifies the source of the product. Defendants also sell unlicensed products that reference Bill Self, the current men's basketball coach. Indeed, the four-story building was spacious enough to house the entire University: A History, Lawrence, Kan.: Toeppen, F. In contrast to this example, the shirts compared by KU on page 23 of the memorandum provide for a different analysis, as the defendants' shirts use the word "Jayhawk," and "Hawk," but in two of the three examples, also use offensive language that does not appear on any licensed product. Comparing the T-shirt examples provided by KU in its memorandum in support of summary judgment, the Court is unable to conclude that all of the shirts are similar or different as a matter of law.


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