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Driver 2 advance gba

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The first half of the game is set in Chicago, with the later portions taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Get behind the wheel and back on the streets as Tanner, the world's fastest undercover driver. Teen Mild Violence. When you're doing well, all you'll hear is some '70s-style background music and the roar of the engine. Write a Review. There are some missions that involve tense time limits or driving badly damaged vehicles full of explosives, but the game never strays too far from its pedal-to-the-metal roots. Furthermore, a lot of the buildings just seem to repeat forever. Although the Game Boy Advance version of Driver 2 is missing the Vegas and Havana locations from the PlayStation version, the two included cities are still fairly large. User Score. There are 30 missions, most of which are identical to those from the PlayStation game. All this publication's reviews. Log in to finish rating Driver 2 Advance. Instead of the action being viewed from the pathetic top-down viewpoint in the Game Boy Color release of Driver, the action in Driver 2 occurs from a behind-the-car perspective in cities that are fully three-dimensional. The pace and the missions are all that get in the way of an otherwise strong gamen. Some missions, namely those involving a moving locomotive or a bridge jump, have been replaced with less graphically intensive alternatives, but by and large the same strategies that held true on the console also hold true on the handheld.


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